How To Find the Right Co-Founders?

Steve Blank has been spitting some hot fire lately. This is a great new perspective.
Also, check out this video for another perspective on it:

Steve Blank

How do you figure out what’s the right mix of skills for the co-founders of your startup?

Surprisingly if you’ve filled out the business model canvas you already know who you need.


I was having breakfast with Radhika, an ex-grad student of mine who wanted to share her Customer Discovery progress for her consumer hardware startup. She started by sketching her business model canvas on a napkin, but somehow the conversation quickly shifted to what was really on her mind. “After reading your post on Why Founders Should Know How to Code it looks like web/mobile startups have it easy. They seem to know the right mix of skills on their founding team is a hacker, hustler and designer. But what about for us, a consumer hardware hardware company? Trying to figure out what the right set of co-founders isn’t so clear. How do I decide who I need to have on board on day one?  Who can I…

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How To Think Like an Entrepreneur: the Inventure Cycle

Great insight. This is touching on the first lesson in our program, but not deep enough.

Steve Blank

The Lean Startup is a process for turning ideas into commercial ventures. Its premise is that startups begin with a series of untested hypotheses. They succeed by getting out of the building, testing those hypotheses and learning by iterating and refining minimal viable products in front of potential customers.

That’s all well and good if you already have an idea. But where do startup ideas come from? Where do inspiration, imagination and creativity come to bear? How does that all relate to innovation and entrepreneurship?

Quite honestly I never gave this much thought. As an entrepreneur my problem was that I had too many ideas. My imagination ran 24/7 and to me every problem was a challenge to solve and new product to create. It wasn’t until I started teaching that I realized that not everyone’s head worked the same way. While the Lean Startup gave us a process for turning ideas into businesses –…

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Journey to the Innovation Age?

I want to talk about how technology and further it’s constant innovation has brought about a new world filled with opportunity and creativity.  I will acknowledge the growth and advancement of our earlier times, but will focus more on the development that has occurred in more recent times.  The world has changed immensely in many different ways.  These changes have affected everything from how we eat or travel to how we think or communicate.  These changes weren’t sudden, they were gradual, compounded over time and have exponentially increased recently beyond moore’s law.  Well, not literally as its original definition, but more in the big picture sense of innovation taking leaps and bounds.  This is true because the wave of innovation that we enjoy today is due to many different innovations before it that can’t be measured in transistors.  And today’s innovations go much further beyond transistors, but the computer is a great place to start.

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